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Sydney Mahi Mahi


It's been a great start to the Mahi season with the currents coming in super close making chasing these beauties a breeze with just a 15 minute trip from Sydney Heads.

Siz es ranging from 70-85cm are frequently caught with the large models coming in just over 90cm.

We setup our clients with super light gear in order to enjoy the fight that much better.

Billy, our newest skipper (@fatboyfishes) starts off the session finding bite sized yellowtail as this has been the preferred method to catch our target. The idea is to load up bait as quick as possible and be on the FAD's to kick off the session.

Mahi are superb fighting fish, with aerial displays when hooked and an excellent fish on the plate.

We currently have a special running for $275 per person.

Contact us anytime.

Capt Ebs


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