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Squid & Cuttlefish


A large size calamari caught just outside Sydney Heads

Sydney Harbour, with its shimmering waters and bustling marine life, offers a haven for anglers seeking adventure and culinary enthusiasts craving fresh seafood delights.

Among the myriad of marine treasures that call this iconic harbour home, calamari stands out as both a delectable dish and a prized catch for fishermen. In this page, we'll delve into the allure of calamari fishing in Sydney Harbour, exploring why it makes such great food and bait alike.


In Sydney, where the culinary scene is as diverse as the city itself, calamari finds its way onto menus in various forms. From upscale waterfront restaurants to bustling seafood markets, Sydneysiders and visitors alike can savor calamari dishes that showcase the freshest catch from the harbor.

One of the reasons calamari is so beloved in Sydney's culinary landscape is its accessibility. With abundant squid populations in Sydney Harbour, local chefs have access to a steady supply of fresh calamari, ensuring that dishes are consistently of the highest quality.

Sydney Calamari Squid

One of Sydney's best Squid hunters @bennysfishing

Sydney's waters offer prime conditions for calamari fishing, with a mix of rocky reefs, seagrass beds, and sandy bottoms providing an ideal habitat for squid. Anglers often target calamari using specialized jigs or baited hooks, employing tactics such as jigging or slow trolling to entice these elusive cephalopods.

One of the reasons calamari fishing is so popular in Sydney Harbour is the thrill of the chase. Squid are known for their cunning and agility, putting up a spirited fight when hooked. For anglers, the challenge of outwitting these clever creatures adds an exciting dimension to the fishing experience.

Calamari as Bait: A Dual Purpose Catch

While calamari is celebrated as a delicious seafood delicacy, it also serves a practical purpose as bait for other species. In Sydney Harbour, anglers often use fresh calamari as bait when targeting a variety of fish, including snapper, kingfish, and flathead.

The oily flesh of calamari emits a tantalizing scent that attracts predatory fish, making it an effective bait choice for anglers looking to entice larger species. Additionally, calamari's firm texture and durability on the hook make it well-suited for withstanding the rigors of casting and retrieval.

Sydney harbour cuttlefish

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